Research project “Demographic differentials and their impact on sustainability of population change in Lithuania”


International and Lithuanian studies suggest that overall unfavourable demographic indicators are largely attributable to bad demographic situation in some population groups. The response to such an important at both national and EU levels problem is a formation of effective and evidence-based population policies. This requires production of new reliable population-level data, development of innovative methods allowing assesment of demographic differentials, measuring impact of differentials on population changes, and revealing determinants of negative demographic trends. The aims of the project are 1) to create integrated census-linked longitudinal databases combining population census, demographic register, and contextual data and to develop innovative algorithms for analyses of demographic differentials; 2) to obtain new very important for Lithuania and other EU countries scientific evidence for complex assessment of demographic differentials and their impact on sustainability of demographic trends; 3) on the basis of new reliable scientific evidence and innovative methodological solutions to create and disseminate methodological recommendations for development of studies on demographic differentials. During the project new methodologies and algorithms of linkages between population censuses and demographic records and of analysis of demographic differentials will be created and practically applied. Such innovative at both national and international levels methodological solutions will be developed involving foreign experts from the renowned international research centres working in this field. Empirical analyses will be based on the unique and methodologically innovative censuslinked longitudinal data on fertility, marriage, divorce, and mortality. The results of this study will allow performing intensive dissemination of new scientific evidence and methods at both international and national levels. This project will also contribute to the improvement of general and specific skills of Lithuanian researchers and contribute to their knowledge how to conduct advanced at the international level methodological and applied studies. Successful capacity building of the Lithuanian scientists in the framework of this project and participation of leading experts of the field in scientific activities in Lithuania will create better preconditions for scientists from the Lithuanian Social Research Centre to take part in bigger international scientific programs or projects. New scientific evidence obtained during the implementation of the project will be used by public policy decision makers and international and Lithuanian scientific community.

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The project is financed by EU structural assistance to Lithuania under the measure VP-1-3.1-ŠMM-07-K“ Support to Research Activities of Scientists and Other Researchers (Global Grant)”

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